About The Festival, our Friends and Sponsors

Over 3 decades ago,  friends got together to play some music in the park across from the beach... you know, "the meadow" ... with a view of the ocean, some swings and a slide... yeah, that place with the waterfall and the bridges over the streams. Nice.

Since 1979, the festival has brought performers from many genres - acoustic rock, folk, world, blues, jazz, Celtic, bluegrass, world vibe, and more - from across the country to perform during the peak of our summer season in Rockport, Massachusetts.

The Cape Ann region is about an hour north of Boston and is an ideal location for a summer music festival - with its historic sights, shops, galleries, restaurants, and natural beauty.

Each year the line-up of entertainers changes and the festival takes on its own shape, though some things remain constant from year to year: it is free, open to all, and family-friendly.

The festival is a non-profit enterprise. Performers and organizers are contributing their time and talent without compensation. It's all for the music and the fun!

Currently the Fest is being run by David Cutler, his family and friends. Let us know if you would like to participate with Music in the Meadow in any way - big or small. We would love to have you part of this community event with a wonderful history. Contact us at this email address:


We have good old friends around Cape Ann and good new friends around the region - Here are a few:

- Donate to New Years Rockport Eve by eating at the Fest!
- Rockpile Recording
- Earthworks Construction - Excavation Masonry
- Sundance Screen Prints
- Bearskin Neck Leathers
- Gloucester Times
- Beacon
- Will Bloombergh - winner of the best neighbor award!
- Rockport's great site is at www.RockportUSA.com
Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce
Rockport Festivals - Our local cousin for all events
- Mystery Train - For your vinyl needs
 - Top Dog
- Creative Economy Assoc. of the North Shore
- The North Shore Technology Council - www.NSTC.org
- Cape Ann Community Cinema - Go Bob!
- Whitsett Guitar Works


Come to Rockport for the: beauty, people, food, art, music, and the history...

Here is Some Press Coverage

David and performer Brad Byrd

by Sarah LoweryArtsEditor (http://www.artseditor.com/)

For the past quarter of a century, the annual Rockport Acoustic Music Festival has been held in the historic North Shore town of Rockport, Massachusetts. This year ... musicians will convene once again for the celebration of acoustic music. This long-running festival features regional musicians whose styles range from folk to pop to rhythm & blues. This year's lineup includes several festival favorites such as Brian King and his unique blend of pop, folk, punk, ambient, and cabaret, Redheaded Stepchild, an acoustic blues band started in 1996 by Kathryn Koch and David Nanni, and John, Josh & Caroline, whose music ranges from folk to blues to British music hall.

In addition to performing at past Rockport Acoustic Music Festivals, many of this year's musicians are well-known, seasoned performers. John Hicks, Josh Brackett, and Caroline Haines, for instance, each had folk careers reaching back to the 1960s and 1970s before they formed the trio John, Josh & Caroline in 2001. In particular, lead singer/songwriter Josh Brackett was involved in the 1960s Cambridge folk music scene. In fact, legend has it that he gave one of folk music's biggest stars, Joan Baez, an extra boost of confidence before she made it big. As Brackett recalls, after hearing the teenage Baez play in Cambridge, he offered, "Joanie, you're pretty good at this. You could even do it for a living."

Other performers on this year's bill include the Bob Kramer Band; Brian O'Connor; Greta Bro, Peter Meyer & Friends; Jim Dierdorff and Benny the Wonderdog; Livin' on Luck; Mike Kirsch and Friend; Pulse Pursuit—John Holland/Lisa Bouchie; Singin' Sargeant Tony Hilliard, and Sonny Fishcake's Music Revue. The Festival is a nonprofit project managed and staffed entirely by volunteers and is free of charge. It will be held at Millbrook Meadow, across from the Front Beach in Rockport.